"Making the decision to have a life coach is the best thing I have ever done for myself. A year ago, I was in a place where I felt lost in my job, relationship and I didn’t even fully know who I was. In working with Karlie Everhart, I have learned so much about myself in all aspects of my life. I can confidently say I know who I am and have created a clear vision for what I want in my life. Every day, I work toward achieving the goals I have for myself and I couldn’t have done it without Karlie and her expertise.

- Amy



Karlie’s 1-day intensive came right before I was leaving for a work project abroad. I saw this as a good opportunity to set a clear mindset right before leaving for 5 months but to also keep evolving/evaluating different areas of improvement for my life. Karlie did an amazing job at making sure I felt safe and heard while providing different techniques to address different challenges in my life.

I took the tools I learned and needless to say, this project I just finished was the most lucrative one I have completed and am confident that it was because of the work we did together.

- Melissa



People often say after working with a coach  “I’m a new person.” I can honestly say that doesn’t apply to me after working with Karlie; as my results are more profound: “I’m the me I’ve always been deep down.” Karlie Everhart is a master of her craft! I first encountered her services at one of her workshops that my friend, in all honesty, dragged me to. After that, I was hooked and have been working with her ever since. She’s helped me give voice to my true self and since I’ve not only changed careers but have been promoted, have almost doubled my income and am so much more confident and happy. I can’t recommend her services enough.

- Amanda



After being in therapy and working on myself for over a decade, I was ready for a fresh perspective and different work. I began working with Karlie three months ago and I can honestly say that my outlook on life has changed for the better. I'm standing up against new challenges in my self work and dominating new endeavors in my career. Karlie is a friendly face to see every week but she's also not afraid to be authentic and call me out on things when I need it the most. I will be continuing my work with her and I truly feel everyone could benefit from her coaching.

- Ashley



I started working with Karlie to tackle one issue in particular, and she ending up being a huge emotional support during a very difficult time career-wise.  I was struggling at work with a job I was unhappy in, and it was affecting all areas of my life. Often times, I would begin our sessions without a clear objective, and I found that Karlie has a great skill of finding focus among my disparate stories.  She always found a way to realign my thoughts and actions to better match my goals.  I used her recommended techniques to navigate my new job search, and believe I've found something better than I could have hoped for!  Working with Karlie has been an absolute joy.  She helped me find my voice again.

- Marissa



Karlie has been a breath of fresh air, she literally helped me breathe a new fresh air that I so desperately needed. She has a true calling to help people and guide them in finding their inner vibration. I have struggled with infertility for a long time and when I finally got pregnant I was in constant fear that something was going to happen to the baby. I felt undeserving and anxious. Karlie helped me shift my core belief system and guided me through my anxiety by setting positive visions for myself. I am now practicing daily affirmations and self forgiveness. The most important lesson she taught me was to trust - to trust that it's in the hands of (whatever you believe) and they have it under control. Now that the baby is finally here, I still use these techniques today to reset my mindset onto a more positive track. I feel like I am the best version of myself than I've ever been, thank you Karlie. You are such an amazing gift.

- Victoria



Karlie is a masterful coach.  She's empathetic, loving, and honest.  And even more, she listens- not only with her ears and heart, but with her intuition.  The way she allows her intuition to guide her as she facilitates the coaching process is incredible.  She has the ability to tune in, and ask subtle yet powerful questions that lead me to breakthrough thinking, and shifts in my perspective.  She's a natural, and she's also highly skilled.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be coached, guided, facilitated, seen, heard, and loved by this talented woman.

- Portia



Working with Karlie for the past several months has been nothing short of life-changing! I truly look forward to meeting with her every week. She made me feel incredibly comfortable from our first session. She is the best at what she does - truly born to be a life coach. Karlie is compassionate, energetic, and full of remarkable wisdom. Whether we were discussing my career, relationships with my family and friends, or future goals, Karlie provided structure and clear guidance. She also made sure that I was continuing to strive for my goals outside of our sessions, which was essential in my journey to be the best person I can be. Karlie is a friend, mentor, and wonderful human being.

- Nik



Karlie helped me clearly think through my vision for the future and what might be blocking me in getting there. She unlocked so much I had yet to learn about myself through her compassionate and intuitive guidance. With tangible takeaways and steps, I have been able to dive deeper and do the work for myself that is needed to keep pushing towards the goals of my future. 

- Erin



I met Karlie days after I decided to make a shift in my life & find myself again. As this was a new process for me, she put in consistent energy and patience into our sessions to ensure I was 100% ready for this experience before I felt ready to commit. During the last several months, I've had the pleasure to solidify our mentorship and work with Karlie in the comfort of her home and off-session phone calls & text messages. Since then, I've taken the time to find balance in my career, relationships, and self, become more intuitive with my emotions, and live each moment with intention and purpose. I believe this was the universe's and Karlie's way of pushing me in the right direction and guiding me to my own path that I desperately needed to find. She has not only become my coach and my mentor, but my friend and the most trusted reflection of my own truth. She exudes positivity, calming energy, and I can confidently say that every conversation I have with her encourages me to challenge and better myself throughout this amazing journey we call life. Thank you for everything that you do Karlie <3

- Sonia