From City Girl to City w-OM-en

I started practicing Transcendental Meditation two years ago and just like Russel Brand, Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern and all the other greats, it has CHANGED.MY.LIFE. Now one of the things I’ve consistently heard people say who have meditated for years is, “it’s like brushing your teeth, it becomes part of your routine, you can’t leave the house without doing it”. While, I do meditate frequently it’s not like brushing my teeth (yet). I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t be caught dead breathing my un-brushed halitosis breath all over every victim I interact with in the morning. I do, however, have times where I don’t meditate for a few days on end…and this was one of those weeks.

I was having one of those weeks where I was running a million miles a minute. I had felt like I had lost complete control and was four days into not meditating. At this point I had become so off balance, my mind was chaos and I felt if anyone looked at me the wrong way it wasn’t going to be pretty for them or me for that matter. I had gone to bed the night before telling myself I was going to wake up early and meditate and as my luck would have it this week, I woke up late and was completely frantic in the morning. I hurriedly get ready, brush my teeth, because I never forget that. I chose to call an Uber because I figured I could catch up on some e-mails while I was being driven to work. As soon as he pulls up, he’s one of those Uber drivers that won’t stop talking (you know the type), he’s certainly not taking my cues of my face buried in my phone responding to emails. At this point, I had a choice I could continue my day off balance and frenetic or I could use the time on my drive to work to meditate. I chose the latter. The only issue is my driver was a talker and I was nervous he was going to think I was a complete wierdo for meditating. I had an internal debate about whether I was going to tell him or not and I finally muster up the courage, after all what do I have to lose. “Excuse me sir, I’m going to spend the next twenty minutes mediating back here”. To my surprise, his ears perked up and he asks what type of meditation I do, I tell him TM and he tells me he’s been practicing TM for over 25 years and offers to time my meditation for me.

This experience reinforced an extremely important lesson for me, which is when I show up unapologetically, the Universe supports me.

I’ve observed countless times where clients, friends or family fall victim to people pleasing or quiet that voice in their head telling them to speak up in fear of disrupting the peace or worrying what people will think, but the truth is the Universe supports authenticity as it allows for a greater level of intimacy and connection.  

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you are wavering in your authenticity try these tips:

1.     Repeat an Affirmation: Try repeating the following affirmation to help build the confidence to authentically be YOU, “I am unapologetically me and I am a gift”

2.     Give the voice a time frame: Time the voice in your head for 20 – 30 seconds. Let it say what it wants for up to 30 seconds and one the time is up you move past the voice and past the fear and conquer!

In the comments below, I’d love to hear how the Universe is supporting you when you show up authentically. 

Big Love! Xx